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Arrosticini are a traditional dish from Abruzzo. Arrosticini (rustelle or arrustelle in the local dialects; also known as spierini or spidducc') are typically made from castrated sheep's meat, cut in chunks and pierced by a skewer. It is cooked on a brazier with a typically elongated shape, called fornacella. Meat is cut with a knife in chunks of different sizes, alternated on the skewer with pieces of ovine fat (doing so provides more tenderness and a more pleasant smell). Arrosticini are often accompanied by slices of traditionally home-made bread soaked in extra-virgin olive oil (pane ond); the traditional beverage accompaniment is Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wine.

Traditionally, arrosticini are eaten with the hands, pulling the meat off the skewer piece by piece using the teeth.

They are produced throughout Abruzzo, both industrially and in a home-made fashion. They are also found in other areas with large populations of Abruzzesi.

However, if you want delicious cooked Arrosticini you have to feed the fire!
(Attizz la vrace in the local dialect).

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